Pesky sensor dust

In Tips and Tricks by Patrick

We all have it at some time or another. Sensor dust! Depending on your genre of photography, you may have more than some, but it still occurs. It really does not have a preference either of DSLR or Mirrorless. Most post-processing programs have some sort of spot removal option. Photoshop has many ways to deal with this. The spot healing brush, patch tool and the content aware fill just to name a few.

What if you prefer not to do this in Photoshop? Are there other methods? You betcha! Camera raw which you can access two ways, through Adobe bridge or as a filter in Photoshop’s Filter menu allows for easy spot removal and uses the same algorithm and method as is Lightroom.

What about the die-hard Lightroom users. Well there are actually 2 different methods for spot removal. The first being the obvious spot removal tool on the right pane. Clicking on this allows you to isolate the dust and easily remove it. Very effective, but not my preferred method.

I prefer to zoom in using the home keys and page down key to canvas the image an thoroughly look for the sensor dust. I made a video on how to do this which can be found under my tutorials or on my You Tube channel. I found this method to be very thorough in finding all that pesky sensor dust. Anything I am going to print or gift to anyone gets this treatment to ensure the print is as clean as possible.

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