Gear Review – Think Tank Video Tripod Manger 44

In Gear Review by Patrick

What to do with your tripod, light stands, backdrop poles and stand and other items that are too long for a normal travel bag. Enter the Think Tank Video Tripod Manger 44. Think Tank Photo added this case to their ever-growing lineup, and this one is a big beast! It’s called the Video Tripod Manager 44, and it’ll hold tripods or other support equipment up to 40 inches in length. The case is constructed with crush-resistant ABS twin wall for incredible impact protection, so your precious cargo is well protected. In fact, in the video on their website, it says you can comfortably stand on this case, which means it offers quite a bit more protection than their standard camera rolling cases.

While the primary target seems to be video production folks, who often have tripod/head combinations worth tens of thousands of dollars, this can be a great case for photographers too. Certainly when I’m on a long car-based photography trip, or doing a corporate shoot, a big case like this would be nice to have for transport to house my tripods along with with some lighting gear. This case is very well made and has bolsters along with a divider for a custom fit.

Inside there are two zippered pockets for smaller things like cords, backdrops, gaffer tape or whatever you may need for the shoot. The sides are the customary buffalo nap you are accustoming to seeing from Think Tank. Two straps allow for securing the tripod or lighting stands during travel. Adjustable straps on the side allow for holding the top up for easy access or to allow it drop completely down if you choose.

The bottom of the bag where the tripod rests, is cleanable and can be wiped clean with a damp rag. This is a nice touch if you utilize your stands or tripod outdoors. Another aspect of this case that I really like is how many handles this carrier has. You can lift this from the top, bottom or sides without an issue. One component that may not get a lot of love but is vital to the function are the wheels. They are shock resistance and allow for easy rolling over any terrain.

Overall, this a very unique bag that can solve a lot of problems with tripod and lighting stands transport. It is a bag that can easily fly in the belly of a plane without and issue. If you have need for a large bag that can carry quite a bit of gear, this is one you should check out.

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