Tru Life Acrylic Prints -WOW!

In Standard by Patrick

There is this great satisfaction that I feel when getting a print. Whether that print is for myself or when giving a print to a client as a gift or part of a paid project. Printing serves a specific role for me. First we sell gallery prints. Second, prints are used as gifts to clients as a means to say thank you for allowing us to photograph their story. Lastly, it lets me know that I am doing everything right in camera.

Captured with iPhone X

There are many ways to print and many labs do different things. Some print on metal, (you read that correctly) some print on canvas and most can do the traditional matte or luster prints. Recently I heard about a process that used acrylic and was intrigued by this process so I decided to order one and see if it was everything that I had heard about. As you can see from the print of the FG-1D Corsair hanging in my office, it was everything that I expected and more although the iPhone capture with flash does not do the subtleties of the print justice.

The process they use is quite involved but the end result is really spectacular. The acrylic does not show fingerprints. has UV protection so the print will not fade and can be sized to any thing you need including panoramas. I am sure there are more that one company that can do this type of process, but the one that I use came highly recommended by a fellow photographer and that is Artisan HD located in Scottsdale Arizona.

The thing that struck me the most about this print process is how they are able to obtain such depth with a two dimensional image. I really liked that aspect of the print process. The other component that came as a nice surprise was the museum mount for the print. Simple, seamless and rock solid making you print appear as it floating off the wall. I cannot state enough at how happy I am with this process. If you print, you should give this a try on one print and I think . you may be hooked. 🙂

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