Power Galore

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Let’s face it! We as photographers use items that are power hungry for power. We rely on these items to make our living and even just capture those memories that are priceless that nobody sees and go up on the refrigerator. I have written about gear that helps us keep going before on my blog here “Power to go” and I still use these to this day. Recently I read on a blog that I frequent about a more versatile choice for charge my gear when in the field. It’s called Omni Charge.

I am very impressed with this smart power bank. Well built, it comes with a protective case for travel and it will literally power anything that I throw at it. It has become invaluable in the field and what I like the most is not having to carry multiple chargers for things. It has lightened my load for sure. Here are some of the ports and uses for the OmniCharge

The brains of the OmniCharge is impressive. It is the heart and soul of the device and affords a number of benefits. Temperature protection, overcharge protection, short circuit protection and auto-power shut off just to name a few.

Since receiving, I have been running this like I normally do uploading cards, powering my Macbook Pro finishing images, blog posting and answering emails all powered by the OminCharge. The next test is charge my Nikon D5. If you are in the market for a power bank, this is definitely worth a look.

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