Prepping for the season

In Standard by Patrick

As I sit here composing this blog post from my favorite spot in the house, looking out into the backyard watching the birds come and go along with at least four of the six species of squirrel found here in Michigan, the biology is fascinating to watch. Spring officially arrived on the 21st of March and everyone is in the mode for love. Some species have already mated, are forming bounds and turning there thoughts to nest building.

Captured with iPhone X

They also have an insatiable appetite this time of year to begin the preparation for the next generation of life. The view you see in the picture is a fraction fo the backyard studio but allows me to get close to the action with the feeder just outside the deck doorwall. When open, it allow me to access the photography without being impeded by the glass. I have even had a bird or two come in to say hello. Another interesting observation is the squirrels prepping for building of their drey’s. Dreys are usually built of twigs, dry leaves, and grass, and typically assembled in the forks of a tall tree. The evergreen that you see covered in the back was being tugged at by a female black squirrel. She was collecting material to the line the drey for warmth and comfort. We have cavity nesting squirrels as well but none this year. The doves have been chasing each other around trying to impress and select the perfect mate. I could sit her for days as the homes go up, new relationships are formed and preparation continues.

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