Profoto B10

In Standard by Patrick

Ok, emails coming in on whether or not I am considering buying the new Profoto B10 OCF light. Rather than trying to respond to all of them, here is a post. I personally am not going going to buy the new Profoto B10 flash at this time. For me, the gear that I buy has to solve a problem in my photography.

Currently, I own the Profoto B1 and the B2 flashes and these are sufficient for my current needs. I know some are saying, but Patrick, those are corded lights and the B10 is wireless. True, but again, this has to fulfill a need and right now it doesn’t for my photography.

Having said that, the B10 may be something that is needed in the future and at that, time, I will explore the possibility if I need it. Being and owner of other profoto lights, this has impressive specs and it may become a necessity in the future, but in a business where I have to make five dollars for every one I spend, this light will have to wait. I have not shot with this particular light, but if it is like the other Profotos I own, then it will be a great purchase if you choose to do so for your photography.

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