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The Z6 files are really amazing. Now, like any camera, the files are only as good as the techinque used to capture them. Proper handhold or long lens technique still applies no matter what camera you are shooting with. For a complete review of the Nikon Z6, check out this post I did a while back. By the way, if you are thinking of snagging a mirrorless Nikon Z6, now would be the time as Nikon has rebates on right now of up to $600 bucks off and you get the FTZ adapter allowing the use of legacy glass. Ok, lets get to the file. If I had to sum it up in one word it would be clean. The Nikon Z6 file, even at higher ISO settings still comes out with very little noise. Here are the file sizes I am seeing with the Z6: (Of note, these numbers will vary. I am using a 64GB XQD card)

RAW (NEF format): 27.4 MB
JPEG (FINE): c. 7-10 MB
JPEG (NORM, Z6 default setting): c. 3.5-5 MB
RAW + JPEG (FINE): c. 35-40 MB

FullHD (1.920 x 1.080, 50p): c. 200 MB / minute
4K (3.840 x 2.160, 25p): c. 500 MB / minute

Number of shots
RAW: 1.200 photos
RAW + JPEG (FINE): 892 photos
JPEG (FINE): c. 3.400 photos
JPEG (NORM): c. 7.600 photos

This photo was shot with the Nikon Z6 300 f/4 rig which I currently have attached to capture whatever might wander into my backyard studio. Here, is one of our frequent visitors just chillin in tree #3. Want to know a secret? On the day this was taken, it was hot and we had the A/C cranking. I did not want to miss the moment for the shot, so with the Nikon Z6 300 F/4, it is shot through glass. Through glass and the file is still amazing! All I did was crop the photo a bit. No alterations! Straight out of the camera. That impressed the heck out of me. The aforementioned numbers are with the Z6. The Z7 has twice the mega-pixels so it would yield less photos and video time. Overall I am finding the Z6 a great compliment to my Nikon D5

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