Love the Platypod

In Aviation by Patrick

Having a sturdy foundation for our precious camera gear is essential. When you find one that allows you to go places that you cannot take a conventional tripod and give you differnet vantage points is really invaluable. I have had the Platypod Max for some time and use it with my DLSR Nikon D5. With my recent addition of the Nikon Z6 Mirrorless , the Max was a bit much so I ordered the Ultra. I was able to give the Ultra its trial run at a recent airshow. Here is the rig set up on the tarmac with the Nikon Z6, Induro BH-1 ballhead.

iPhone 10 shot

This thing is solid and I was very onfident with the camera on the rig. For those who have never done an airshow, the tarmac is dirty, often oily and just plain somewhere you would not want to lay down on. Enter the Platypod Ultra to get the low angle shots. At under $60 bucks this is a steal. Here is a traditional shot of one of the Corsairs at the recent Thunder Over Michigan Airshow while standing.

With the Platypod Ultra, it gives a different perspective that may not otherwise be possible unless again you lay on the tarmac. I had people asking me what that was and where they could get one. The beauty of this setup was I could still shoo handheld if need be. Simply genius.

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