Gear Review: MeFoto S-Series Travel Tripod

In Gear Review by Patrick

Tripods are the foundation for fantastic photographs so you don’t want to cut corners with these babies. I have the big beefy RRS TVC-34 Versa and this I used for the Nikon D5 for landscapes and wildlife along with the long lens combinations. Enter the problem. When traveling light with my Nikon Z6 system, the RRS TV-34 is too much and it does not fit in the luggage or camera bag. I needed a tripod to travel light, that fit in my luggage and would safely support the Nikon Z6 system. The search was on and it was narrowed down to the 3 legged thing and MeFoto travel tripods.

The specs on the tripods were near identical, save for one aspect, the price. This made the choice of a travel tripod very easy with the choice of the MeFoto RoadTrip S Travel Tripod Carbon Fiber. Listed at $189.00 USD at the time of this post, it was over $100 USD cheaper providing the same features as listed below.

Product Weight (lb): 2.93
Product Weight (kg): 1.33
Warranty Duration: 5
Leg Material: Carbon Fiber
Leg Type: Round tube
Spider Material: Aluminum
Maximum Load (lb): 17.60
Maximum Load (kg): 8.00
Minimum Height (in): 14.00
Minimum Height (cm): 35.50
Folded Length (in): 13.98
Folded Length (cm): 35.50
Maximum Height (in): 59.40
Maximum Height (cm): 151.00
Max Height w/Column Retracted (in): 45.90
Max Height w/Column Retracted (cm): 116.50
Max Height w/Column Expanded (in): 61.60
Max Height w/Column Expanded (cm): 156.50
Head Mount: UNC3/8″-16
Head Type: Ball Head
Center Column: 2 Section
Base Mount Thread: UNC3/8″-16
Base Mount Diameter (mm): 39.00
Quick Release Type: Arca-Swiss Style
Spider Type: Travel
Maximum Height Converted to Monopod (in): 61.40
Maximum Height Converted to Monopod (cm): 156.00
Top Plate Diameter (mm): 39
Forward Tilt Range: 90°
Quick Release Camera Thread Size: UNC1/4″-20
Quick Release Plate Lock: Twist
Quick Plate Safety Mechanism: No
QR Plate – Length (in): 1.49
QR Plate – Width (in): 1.96

When the center column is removed or all the way down, I do have to bend down as I am 6’2″ tall, but given that this is not my main tripod and I only use it for travel trips, I am willing to make the concession there. It is surprisingly sturdy and there is a retractable hook to hang your bag on or a sandbag to stabilize.

Another cool feature of this travel tripod is that one of the legs will unscrew, pair with the center column and create a monopod, or speedlight extension. Very handy little feature it is very easy to assemble.

It also comes with an Arca style ball head the is pretty stable for a mirrorless system. The dual-action ballhead has the Arca-Swiss style quick release plate and has separate controls for pan lock and ball lock. The control knobs themselves are knurled for easy grip.

The selling point other than price for me was the fact that it fold down to 14″ in length and it fit in my camera bag. At only 2.9 pounds, the carbon fiber model is the way to go as it can also easily be carried on a backpack secure with straps and is hardly noticeable.

Overall, I found this travel tripod fun to use and more than stable for my Nikon Z6 mirrorless system. This is not a tripod I would trust with my larger DSLR, but for the lighter format systems, this is a great tripod with useful features. Below is a video from MeFoto that shows the versatility of the RoadTrip Travel S

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