Social Media and Photographers

In Standard by Patrick

This is not always a match made in heaven. I recently read an article over at Fstoppers entitled “Photographers Need Thicker Skin” that I found particularly interesting and all to often true. In the early years of any budding photographers aspirations to become a better photographer, it is often quite daunting to share your work. Perhaps this is due to the fact that you feel your work is not good enough, or worse yet, the fear of criticism is what keeps one from sharing their work.

This brings me to the topic of social media. It has never been easier to post your work and with all the social media avenues available today, but this can also be a huge detractor for some. It think it is important for a photographer to have a confidence in their craft, even if they are just learning, but it is equally important for those that utilize social media to be respectful of newcomers and provide constructive criticism. It is disheartening when I read some of the comments posted on social media about someones work. The common problem with social media, is everyone is hunting for likes and your photos are double-tapped by robots and dreary-eyed commuters.

Nevertheless, seek out forums and groups that our friendly which stands in direct contrast to the reactions I see elsewhere on the web. I’m not saying that you should surround yourself with people who throw likes and enthusiastic comments on every post, but rather those individual that will engage in conversation not meant to demean or belittle your work. I think that it is often important to remember your own roots and recall that at some point, we were all in the same position.

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