Raid Technology rocks

In Gear Review by Patrick

It has been five years since I purchased my NAS from ioSafe. At the time, still relatively new tech but it intrigued my with its possibilities. I was in the midst of streamlining my workflow and I new this had to play a part. I am so glad that I took the time to include this piece of gear into my backup workflow.

Back then I could only afford a measly 2-bay model, but it still is humming along today without fail. Countless times I have been able to access my photos remotely with the associated apps that have improved over the years and show them to a potential client or existing client. The other day the Misses heard some beeping coming from the office. Upon closer inspection it was the NAS.

Logging into the desktop manager it was telling me that one of the hard drives was full and failing and yes, hard drives fail. I have gotten 5 years from that drive, running full time 24/7 prior to failure. One specific reason I got the Synology ioSafe system is the ability to do hot swapping! The drive the was failing, I just pulled out, inserted another with great storage and I was back up an running in literally under five minutes with full access to all my photos and files.

This piece of mind is what allows me to know that know matter what, my library is safe and accessible from anywhere in the world on a desktop, laptop or mobile device. If piece of mind is on your Christmas list this year, then I highly recommend you give a look to getting a NAS for you photography or other business needs.

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