Nikon D6 Wishlist

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With Nikon’s announcement earlier in the year that they are moving forward with development of the flagship D6, I thought that I would weigh in on my wishlist for this full frame DSLR. I have done a post and an entire podcast on the impending Nikon D6. Just click the links and you can read about that.

One thing that I would like to get out there is my wish list for such a camera. Currently I’m utilizing the Nikon D5 and I love this camera but am aware that it can be improved upon. So without further adieu, here is my list of things I would like to see in the upcoming D6.

Lighter Weight
Nikon has revamped several of theie most popular and high end lenses to reduce weight, make them sharper and more appealing. I would like to see the same weight loss for the Nikon D6 and maintaining its legendary weather sealing properties. I don’t anticipate they will make this change.

Boosting the Megapixels
Currently, the Nikon D5 is 20.8 MP and I see know reason why they can’t come in around 30 MP and keep the existing frame rate in this day and age given the technologies. My reason for this is that at times I may want to shoot a landscape and it is not that I can’t use the D5, but I usually reach for the Nikon Z7 given its higher MP. This allows more options for printing. More likely they will come in around 24.5 I’m guessing.

Axis Stabilization
OK, here’s the thing, the mirror-less Z6 and Z7 both have 5 axis in body stabilization and I have really come to like this feature. Why not include this in the flagship? Do I expect they will, maybe, but only with compatible lenses that will be determined by Nikon.

Increased Frame Rate
I love and rely on my Nikon D5 but is has 12 fps, 14 with mirror lock up, but I would like to see this natively at around 16 fps. When I a m shooting next to a Canon, my will sound slow! What I expect – no change (sigh) ?

Dual CFexpress Support
This is the newest technology and this is one thing that I feel they will include. Fingers crossed!

Built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Should not be that hard as you already put it in the Nikon Z6 and Z7. This would get rid of some of those ridiculously priced accessories that currently perform those functions.

I don’t feel that these requests are out of the norm in today technological age. Besides, if this is Nikon’s last full frame DSLR camera and things are moving toward a mirror-less pro body, if you are going to call this your flagship, make it a flagship Nikon. Don’t hold back!

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