Photographic Islands

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In this age of digital imaging, it can become very easy to rely on the camera to produce pleasing images. I submit this takes away from the craft of photography. Those of us old enough to remember the film days for some reason, in my humble opinion, have it a bit easier. Let me explain. In the old days, you did not have instant gratification of seeing your work on a LED screen, let alone deleting it and re-shooting it. You had to make sure that your ISO, shutter speed, composition and aperture were all set prior to making the click. Now, there are those that will argue this is still in play with digital, and I concede that is true for most who have an understanding of the craft of photography, but I see all to often that photographers just go click, chimp, delete and shoot again until the desired picture is achieved.

When I see someone struggling to choose a composition, or get correct settings in the camera, I often offer to help if they would like. It is at this moment that I hope those individuals realize they are not on a photographic island, having to work through issues themselves. If there is one thing that photographers do well, it is share and try to make other feels a sense of community. When you are feeling like it is too complicated to continue photography, take a moment and perhaps consider these ideas:

  • Join a photographic forum
  • Take a workshop from an expert in their field
  • Take online courses
  • Read blogs from respected photographers
  • Read photography books on your favorite type of photography
  • Just a few suggestions to get the creative juices flowing. Most importantly in all those suggestions is to try and apply what you have learned. Get out and shoot and use the techniques as they apply to your genre of photography. Be opened minded. Photography is a journey and the learning never ends. Remember that no one photographer is and island.

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