New Nikon Gear announced at CES

In General Stuff by Patrick

Nikon announced new products at this years CES show in Vegas. The announcements were not unexpected as rumors and speculation were abounding on the internet as to what would be revealed. So far, Nikon has unveiled the following:

The replacement for the popular D750 full frame camera launched way back in 2014 has finally come to market. The Nikon D780. This camera is really a blend of the loved D850 and the new mirrorless Nikon Z6. Specifically the video component of the mirrorless has made its way into the Nikon D780.

Two highly anticipated lenses were also shown and are available for pre-order. These include the 120-300mm FX lens and the first telephoto for the Z series the 70-200 F/2.8S. Both carry heft price tags so bring your wallet.

The other big news is the soon to be released flagship DSLR the Nikon D6. SLated for release in February. This is slated to replace the venerable Nikon D5 that currently holds the mantle of flagship.

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