Why the Nikon D6 is a sure thing

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So the Nikon D6 is in development and you got a glimpse of it under glass at the CES this year. From what the Nikon press release is saying, it’s going to be targeted to professional photographers. This is no surprise as sports journalists have relied on the flagship bodies for years. I have got a great hunch that it’s going to be coming before the 2020 Olympics. Don’t agree? Well, we’re pretty confident that you’d be wrong; and here’s why.

Release of the Nikkor 120-300 f2.8E FL ED SR VR

In addition to the development of the Nikon D6, the company is also announcing a 120-300mm f/2.8 lens. That’s going to be a great range for photographers using the Nikon D6. The 120-300mm f/2.8 will be able to use a feature on Nikon cameras that has been available for a long time. Nikon full frame DSLRs have a feature that lets the photographer use a crop sensor mode. So basically imagine the performance of whatever the Nikon D6 is capable of doing, this lens and the possibility of using a 1.5x crop factor using a special setting on the Nikon D6. Nice, but consider this possibility using Nikon’s teleconverters with the Nikon D6. When the Olympics come around, this lens is going to be a must-have for a number of photographers.

Nikon is trying to regain sales

Another big thing to keep in mind is that Nikon has been losing ground. But where they still own a lot of market share is with professional photographers.Nikon DSLRs are still in use with lots of news agencies, news wires, and professional sports photographers. The Nikon Z series hasn’t been selling so well and Nikon will need to capitalize on the professional full frame camera market. However with all the new competition out there, Nikon will have to work harder to keep their heads above water. If you look at their financials in the recent press release, they have lost money and I believe they are banking on the Nikon D6 to help them revive their financial bottom line. Nikon CEO has this to say after the fiscal presentation:

We hope to increase our profit to 20 billionTakahazu Umatate - CEO Nikon

The bottom line is that with the summer Olympics in Nikon’s backyard, there is no way that they won’t released this to photographers for use during this high profile event. I am certain that there are D6 units out there being tested as of the writing of this post. In has been reported by Nikon Rumors that the Nikon D6 will be released in early to late February if they keep with there past product launch dates and this would be in keeping with the idea of having it in the hands of photographers prior to the Olympics. With the Olympics right around the corner we will see if my hunch is right.

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