Nikon D6 spotted – More Speculation

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Leaks and rumors abound about the anticipated Nikon D6. Upon reading the forums and speculations, it seems as if Nikon may be missing the boat on the highly anticipated Nikon D5 replacement. This assumption is based on its competitor the Canon 1DX Mark III. The Mark III is listed on B&H Photo for $6499. 00 USD complete with all the specs. No surprises for Canon users as they know exactly what they are getting.

Nikon on the other hand insists on secrecy, not releasing specs or pricing yet and only showing the camera at the most recent CES under glass where nobody could touch or feel it. One has to assume that the Nikon D6 will be price equal to its competitor at $6499.00 USD to keep pace with Canon.

Upon reflection, I am hoping for a 24 MP Nikon D6 but the reality is they have just released the Nikon D780 at 24 MP and probably will not upgrade their flagship to the same, but rather speculation states they are keeping it around 20 MP. Disappointing even with the other upgrades planned, but most likely not a deal breaker with pro shooters.

Canon 1DX Mark III Highlights

  • 20.2 MP CMOS Sensor
  • 14fps normal with 16fps in live-view
  • ISO Range 50-409600
  • 4K Vidoe at 60fps
  • CFast 2.0 Memory card compatible
  • AF II system, which includes 41 cross-type points
  • Built in GPS
Nikon D6 Highlights

  • Rumored either 20 MP or 24 MP
  • 14fps normal live-view unknown
  • ISO Range not released
  • 4K Vidoe at 60fps
  • CFexpress Memory card compatible
  • AF II system updates comparable to Sony A9II
  • Built in GPS
  • Wi-Fi Built in

Having said that, the Twittesphere was a buzz with the sighting of the Nikon D6 in the UK which confirmed my suspicion that it is already to go and in the hands of professional shooters . Note the gaffers tape covering the D6 and the prism and mode buttons is definitely the D6 design. I am predicting and hopeful that the Nikon D6 will be released around the second week of February as the release date for the Canon 1DX Mark III is February 13th and I am sure that Nikon won’t want to be upstaged.

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