Coronavirus impacting photography

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Currently, you cannot turn on the news and not hear something about the coronavirus. This is impacting health and commerce globally and has affected the industry of photography in a big way already. Photographic events and expos have been cancelled or postponed which are huge think tanks for ideas and also opportunities to network. Some of these include:

  • Camera & Photo Imaging Show (Japan)
  • The Photography show (UK)
  • National Association of Broadcasters

Global companies like Nikon and Adobe have withdrawn from show commitments citing concerns over the spreading of the virus. Huge athletic events across Europe are being cancelled or are severely restricting access to events as a precautionary measures. Nikon in a statement announced on 3/9/2020 that the delivery date for the Nikon D6 is being moved back to May of 2020 due to supply chain issues.

This is in addition several lenses that they noted may be released coinciding with the release of the camera. Some venues are restricting close access to high profile figures and this in turn may require longer lenses that some photographers have not previously needed for their given profession, so it impacting how photographers do their jobs. Unfortunate as this time may be, I think cancelling large scale events and perhaps re-thinking what events you might have to cover is a prudent measure to help prevent the spread of the virus if you are concerned. So in the meantime, what can you do? Practice every day. Seriously, every day, all day. Whenever you see an opportunity, take it. As photographers, try to make the most of this by bettering your craft. Join an online community for photography. Some that I can highly recommend are:

We are all in this together so lets make the most of this unfortunate circumstance to move are photography forward.

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