Downtime ideas for photographers

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Normally when I write my blog posts, I realize that they are geared toward a specific group of folks, namely photographers. In this case, my audience may be a bit broader as many of us are at home do to the current state of things. I wanted to offer up some ideas to help pass the time both for photographers specifically and just folks in general.

Catch Up

Use this time to get caught up on projects, organize your photos or inbox. Re-visit old photos and reprocess with the new technologies and software. I personally am using this time to fulfill orders from clients that have asked for photos and I am submitting images to magazines for print.

Clean up

The studio and office are usually overrun at this time of year with paperwork so a deep cleaning and organization are definitely in order. This includes going through Lightroom or whatever DAM program you use to hold your images.

Expand your skill set

While you have the downtime, learn a new hobby, practice how to better use flash in your photography, take an online course through KelbyOne or another online teaching group. Groups like this are a great way to share, collaborate and learn from the comfort of your own home.

Create a website for your passion

In my case, I am going to update the site with new information. Or create a new site using one of the many services that offer easy and simple instructions on building a site like Squarespace or if you are HTML savvy, WordPress hosted on a server of your choice. Things to consider looking at if you have a site already are:

  • Updating your site with new images,
  • Deleting images that are no longer favorites or have been there longer
  • Look for any errors or old links which are no longer needed

Got information or expertise to share? Start a blog

If you have special knowledge in a particular subject or have been in your field for a number of years, more than likely you have credible information to share that people may be looking for. A blog can be a fun way to get that type of information out there. If you are reading this, obviously you have found my blog. Take a look around to get ideas of how you may want to layout your blog.


There are plenty of book out there on whatever topic interests you. Catch up and whether you are old school and actually like the book in hand, or read them digitally on the iPad, phone or Kindle, this is the perfect time to exercise the minds eye.

Catch up with colleagues or friends via video chats

Technology is such nowadays that if you cannot physically be somewhere, you can remote in. Face time, Skype and webcams are just a few that will allow a face-to-face interactions. Of course, this can be for family as well in case Grandma and Grandpa are getting the urge to see the grand kids.

Just a few suggestions to keep the wheels of creativity turning. I hope you all stay healthy and safe.

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