BTS- Backyard Birding

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I received a fair number of questions on how my setup for the backyard studio looks so I thought it better to do a post to answer all the questions. Usually when shooting in the backyard studio the birds are pretty used to me being out there so they will get relatively close. I normally h andhold and use one of my favorite lenses for shooting, the Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR F/4D IF-ED 300mm which is tack sharp.

Below is the setup that I use in the winter and early spring to help capture my seasonal and regular visitors to my feeders. Here is an iPhone shot of the rig that I use.

I will put links to the gear in the bottom of this post. What you see here is camo netting to break up my silhouette and the lens and flash poking through the netting. I use A-clamps of various sizes (a bagof 15 at Lowes was 5 bucks) to hold down the netting on windy days. I have a 36″ inch hole in the netting for the lens and this works great with the Wimberley head allowing me full access to where ever the birds may perch. Off to the left I have folding chair to sit and the birds have come right up to the base of the tripod not even knowing that I am there. It works great for access.

Links to the equipment shown in picture:

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