You can always do better

In Wildlife by Patrick

Birding is one of those things that once you get the bug, you are always looking to get different species to the feeders. As a wildlife photographer, being able to get glass on these species is an ongoing quest. Here in the Midwest, I have two species, the Rose Breasted Grosbeak and the Baltimore Oriole that I have seen in the treetops but have yet to frequent my feeders, until now.

Finally, I was able to get and oriole to come to the feeder. The above shot is not one that I particularly like as one of my pet peaves is to not photography the birds on the feeders, but rather in their natural habitat. I share this picture only for purposes of this post and although I now have the Oriole in my files, part of the fun is trying to improve on the shot.

These birds have been seen flying in and out around my feeders, but getting photographs of them is a different story. They are very leary and are easily startled when coming into the feeders. Normally, most species of birds are used to my presence when out photographing and I do not need any cover as they will come in to feed. However, I have resorted to using a blind to try and get a few clicks of the Grosbeak and the Oriole. Here is the blind that I use.

Image courtesy of Tragopan

This is not without its pros and cons. Pros – Camouflaged and even shy birds will come in to feed. Cons – Limited visibility with the lens if you commit to one window in the blind. Fortunately, I have placed my blind so I can cover the perches and feeders with relatively good success.

The blind paid off as I did get a better shot of the Oriole and it is one that I like better for sure but the quest continues as I know that I can always do better.

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