Brand Name Tools or not?

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I have always been big on making sure that the accessories I use are the same make of my main camera body. This makes sense as the same make of speed light should have minimal if any compatibility issues. However, I have kind of eased off that a bit over the years. I now look at things more from a financial standpoint and business perspective. Knowing that as a general rule of thumb, you need to earn $5 for every one you spend to make a profit. Not a hard and fast rule, but one that has served me well over the years.

This brings me to the point of this post. Lighting in the basis for all photography. Some lights are more expensive than others, yet they may have the same features as their less expensive counterparts. Case in point. Godox just launched a V1 flash that is comparable to the Profoto A1 flash.

The price point on the Godox V1 flash is $259.00 USD currently on sale for $199.00. The Profoto A1 retails for $795.00 USD currently on sale for $595.00. Is the more widely recognized Profoto A1 that much better than the Godox V1 warranting the $500 plus difference? Lets check the specs:

  • Both have a 76W head
  • Both make versions compatible for Canon and Nikon i-TTL
  • Both have full frame coverage Godox 28-105, Profoto 32-105
  • Both have bounce and swivel heads
  • Both are 1x rechargeable

Godox Advantages

  • 1/300 to 1/20000 Second
  • 32 Wireless Channels to Profoto’s 8 channels
  • Weight at 1.7 lbs versus Profots’s 1.23 lbs

Profoto Advantages

  • Profoto has 6 wireless groups versus Godox’s 4
  • Profoto has flash compensation of -3 to +3 EV (1/3 EV Steps), Godox does not list any
  • Profoto has a faster recycle time at Approx. 0.05 to 1.2 Seconds versus Godox at Approx. 1.5 Seconds
  • Profoto has a much farther wireless range at Up to 1000′ / 304.8 m (Master, Slave) versus Godox at Up to 328.08′ / 100 m (Master, Slave)

By way of full disclosure, I have Profoto lights that I use and they have served me well, but upon realizing that I may require more lights, I began to look hard at the cost as most businesses do. That prompted this post. I began by asking the question, is the additional $500.00 Profoto is asking justify the purchase. This is the question that you need to ask as well when buying your gear. Is there another option that is financially more feasible that will provide the same outcome? We have not made a decision as of yet but will need to decide in the near future. We have reached out to Godox to see if we can trial a V1 for testing and awaiting their answer. Once tested we will make our decision on whether to go with the more widely recognized brand name tool.

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