Essential Tools for Photographers

In Standard by Patrick

In this day and age, people get far more information digitally than in the past. Mobile phones are quickly becoming as powerful as laptops and in order for potential clients to find you, there are tools that you require to help them in their discovery.

Aside from the camera gear which is a given, first and foremost for a photographer is a website. This is the vehicle that 95% of people are going to seek out to look at your work. Most sites make it extremely easy to upload images and work for viewing. Most sites have pre-made templates that you can choose to display your work taking the difficulty out of the entire process.

If you are more ambitious, you can create your own site and manage it with a content manager system like WordPress (the most popular) Squarespace or Wix just to name a few. The advantages of the website are that you can reach countless number of people on any given day, and you can direct potential customers 24/7 to your work and engage with like minded creatives through a blog if you wish to do so.

The second most valuable tool that I have found is having a dedicated portfolio. This is where you showcase your skills and allow future clients to see what you can offer and provide. This should be seperate from your main website and should be for the sole purpose of selling, showcasing and engaging with prospective clients.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, you can track the number of visitors to your site, find out which posts or images are most engaging to viewer which allows you to tailor the experience to visitor further benefiting your bottom line. These thoughts are just scratching the surface of why having sites are invaluable. Both of these options are critical in today’s business climate and have become essential tools for photographers.

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