Fun with composites

In Standard by Patrick

One of the things that I like to do with all the aviation pictures that I shoot is to turn them into composites. Like most I’m sure, my mind wanders to the story that each plane has. What theater did is serve in? What must the airfield have looked like? These are the things going through my mind when taking some of the aviation images.

This composite is a perfect example and I was inspired by @GlynDewis and his work with the WWII veterans. Most of these aircraft were shot at different airshows at different times but they all contribute to the final product. I like to let my imagination run with these types of stories. With this one, I decided to do a Pacific Theater themed composite. This first shot is just the airfield, or how I imagined it would have looked on a atoll or island. The work here is just the coloration, creating the palm trees, buildings, jeeps, smaller planes then just duplicating and placing to get the layout of the base.

Once that is done, I begin adding the aircraft that I want to create the look. Here I envisioned the bombers lined up on the dirt runway ready for takeoff to fly their sorties.

The aircraft that I photographed were silver so I needed to add a color overlay to match the overall look of the scene and I wound up going with the military green color at about 43% opacity on each bomber. That looked about right to me. Once that was done, it was time for the CAP.

In the Pacific Theater I think of the F4-U Vought Corsairs that began to dominate the Japanese Mitsubishi AM2 and AM3 zeros, so that is what I added with three flying in formation waiting for the bombers to get airborne. The final image is what you see above.

The great thing about the composites is that your imagination can run wild and you can make it anything you want it to be. It is just another way that you can share your photography by having fun with composites.

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