Quiet is good

In Standard by Patrick

As someone who loves photographing wildlife, any advantage that I can gain while respectfully getting within distance of my subject without compromising the subject or the photographer is a good thing.

Shooting with the Nikon D6, one feature that I have come to like is the quiet shutter release mode. According to Nikon you can take pictures more quietly than in single frame mode, with bursts up to 5 FPS. Now quiet shutter is a relative term. With the mechanics of the mirror and the shutter, it is not completely silent.

However, when compared to the sound of the shutter when this feature is off, it is a bit more quiet, which for a shy subject can make all the difference in getting a picture and not getting a picture.

Where this feature is limiting is when you are trying to capture fast moving subjects and you need to let the motor drive rip. Other than that, I have found this function particularly useful when I am shooting a more sedentary subject that perhaps is not going to move much and is just hanging out, so to speak. This is the time to use this feature and when quiet is good.

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