Loving the Nikon D6

In Standard by Patrick

Getting new gear is always like Christmas and the Nikon D6 is no different. What I am really enjoying about the D6 is the enhancements is the Auto-Focusing. The D6 locks on fast and it does it no matter which focusing mode I am using. I have been really hammering this body in my backyard studio, getting to know all the little idiosyncrasies of this body.

Following fast moving subjects like this American Goldfinch is just simply fun with the abilities of the Nikon D6. So far the Group Area-AF and the Auto Area-AF are my favorites. Another aspect of the AF-System that I really like is the Custom Groupings found in Custom Settings (a10). This gives you the ability to create your own groupings in which the number of focus points can be selected when in operation. Just a few of the enhancements that I am enjoying shooting with this camera.

Having the reassurance that your camera can deliver in the field is piece of mind and after spending hours shooting these little birds darting in and out to the feeders it is apparent to me why I am loving the Nikon D6.

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