Big Sable Point

In Landscapes by Patrick

The coastlines of large bodies of water are amazing natural wonders. One such body of water is Lake Michigan in my home state. With almost 1700 miles of coastline, it is one of the largest fresh water bodies in the world. Dotting it coastline are lighthouses. Some are operational to this day, while others are simply historical relics of a time gone by standing proud still at their post.

Nikon Z6 / 14-30mm

One such sentinel is the Big Sable Point Lighthouse which is still in operation and proudly helps navigate sailor on Lake Michigan in from storms that seem to arise as if by some magic. I was fortunate to be in the right place when just such a storm passed through. Nestled among the dunes, this black and white lighthouse leads boats into the harbor with it soft glow. Formerly known by French explorers as Grande Point au Sable, the Lighthouse Board recommended a beacon be placed in Ludington. In 1867, Big Sable Point Lighthouse was constructed, and on November 1 of that year, mariners as far as 19 miles out on the lake saw a constant white light for the first time. It was electrified in 1949 eliminating the need for a full time keeper. Standing the test of time, it is currently maintained by the US Coast Guard.

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