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Regardless of the camera model you shoot, the bodies give you a tremendous amount of flexibility when it comes to customizing your menus. This is a wonderful thing as each photographer has his or her own style and operate a little differently. As and example, one common preference that I prefer is to shift the focus from the shutter to the AF-ON button. (Custom Setting Menu > Autofocus > a4 > AF-ON only, for example on the D6).

Many of us like to customize settings in the My Menu and populate this with the options we use most making for easy access so as not to have to drill down into the many options todays mirrorless and DSLR camera offer. There is a little know and seldom used setting called Save / Load Settings.

This setting is there to make your life a whole lot easier. Why you may be asking? If you are like me, the settings you have saved in the My Menu are ones you have settled on after much trial and error to make things easier.

In Nikon navigate to Setup > Save / Load Settings. Make sure you have a memory card in your primary slot and click save settings. This happens very fast and only takes a moment to do. Now you have all your custom presets saved and ready should something happen.

Here is a real world example. Say you have a job for a client that requires you to perhaps rent another body. Rather than pecking out all the custom settings you want, simply insert the card saved with your settings, load them and you are good to go. Quick and easy.

Another way that the Save /Load Settings is a blessing is when you send your gear into NPS for cleaning or servicing. They have to reset the factory defaults quite often to test the camera and when you receive it back, all you have to do is reload the settings you have save.

So to wrap this up, you backup your images for protection, why you do the same with your main piece of gear. You will find using the Save / Load settings can be a lifesaver.

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