Z6 II FTZ Firmware Update

In Tips and Tricks by Patrick

Warning: The new Nikon Z6 II cameras require an FTZ firmware update before you can use your FTZ adapter with your F mount lenses.

I was really surprised that the new Nikon Z6 II I just purchased required an immediate firmware update.  If you have not upgraded the firmware then the first time you attach an F mount lens to the FTZ adapter you’ll get an error advising you that you need to update the FTZ firmware.

If you plan on using any of the F mount glass shown below with the FTZ adapter with your new Nikon Z6 II, then you’ll need to go to the Nikon FTZ Firmware download site to get a firmware update.

Be sure to install the latest update for your cameras firmware as well which can be found here at this link.

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