Natures Adaptations

In Wildlife by Patrick

In her infinite wisdom, Mother Nature has given creatures the ability to adapt to varying seasons. Here is the Midwest we have examples of this all around us. I am fortunate as a photographer to witness a great many of these adaptations. One of the most simple, yet most vital is with birds.

Take for example this American Goldfinch. A small bird slightly bigger than your thumb, yet one of the most brilliantly colored song birds in nature. In summer, their bright yellow plumage is an asset as they blend in with the surrounding making it hard for predators to distinguish them from the leaves. What about the winter and fall months when that advantage is gone?

They actually lose there vibrant feathers and bright yellow trading them in for a more muted color palette. This enables them to once again blend in better with the drab browns and grays which dominate once leaves have fallen and winter begins to blanket the ground. An amazing transformation that occurs without fail and is a perfect example of natures adaptations.

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