The Old Texaco Slogan

In Standard by Patrick

“You can trust your car to the man with the star”. For those of us old enough to remember this phrase know that it goes along with the Texaco Corporation. Still up and running in the US, Latin America, Europe among other places, the bright red star is still going realtively strong.

I can remember pulling into Texaco stations with my dad as a kid and being drawn to the logo and the bright red color of t he stations. Back then, the stations were full service. Many of the readers are probably thinking, full service, what are you talking about? You could get your gas tank filled, have the windshield washed, the engines fluid topped off and the air pressure in the tires taken care of all in one stop.

Living here in the Midwest, there are not a lot of the Texaco branded stations around where I live which I kind of miss. Seeing this full replica of the pumps and old truck really brought back some memories. Not in the photograph off to the left is a the replica of the garage service station where the attendant would sit. That type of service has kind of gone by the wayside. We are fortunate to have places like The Henry Ford who painstakingly keeps iconic scenes like this alive and well and allows people to take a stroll down memory lane and see the Texaco stations in their heyday helping us remember the man with the star.

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