Gear Review: ProMedial Katana Gimbal

In Gear Review by Patrick

As our photography skill set evolves and hopefully improves, so does our gear. As someone who chose to pursue wildlife photography, I knew that having long reaching glass, a sturdy tripod and a gimbal head was going to be a staple of my photography. The gimbal head in particular has been an integral part of success in getting images. The first gimbal head I purchased was a very well known brand, the Wimberely WH-200.


It served me well for the most part with its simplistic construction but the plastic bearings had a tendency to operate less smoothly with panning than I would like.  Although it never happened to me, I have heard the bearings can also have issue if they become wet in inclement weather.

This led me to search for something different for my gimbal head needs. What I found after much research, reading reviews and testimonials was the Promedia Gear Katana Gimbal Head.


The ProMediaGear gimbal head is made with lightweight aircraft quality aluminum and it has a hard anodized scratch resistant finish. It has steel ball bearings and it’s very durable so that it will need no maintenance! Features that I love about this gimbal are:

  • Vertical Arca-Style slide for adjustments and weight balance
  • Dual position panning knobs
  • Rubberized coated knobs for easy grip
  • Made from super strong aluminum alloy
  • Stainless steel ball bearings for tilt and pan mechanisms

This thing is built like a tank and can easily handle any size lens you throw at it. The movements are so smooth and the balance is second to none.

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Easy to setup and use this is by far the best gimbal head that I have used in my photography. The customer service at Promedia Gear is phenomenal and the product with care will last a lifetime. This will definitely be the last gimbal head I will ever buy and highly recommend it.

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