New nesting boxes

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Currently, I have about 5 nesting boxes around my lot.  I live in an urban area / sub-division with plenty of foot traffic.  My bird sanctuary, as I like to call it, is in our backyard.  I have an enclosed backyard with a fence and this is where my backyard bird studio resides.  It works well and I currently have recorded over 24 different species of birds that have visited the feeders at some point or another.  One issue that I have been fighting is English Sparrows.  An invasive species, every year they try and take over the nesting boxes.  This becomes a constant battle as they are very persistent in rebuilding nests that I clean out.  

After many months of researching how to counter-act the Sparrows as an unwanted guest, I settled upon the Gilbertson Nesting boxes.  Originally designed for bluebirds, these nesting boxes are made of PVC, slippery and smooth on the exterior with a large overhang.  I have found that the sparrows are not very interested in this type of birdhouse simply due to its characteristics of having no grip. I would love to attract bluebirds but I am not hopeful as they require more open areas to nest, but we shall see.  This home for our feathered friends also can bring in house wrens, chickadees and tree swallows.  Hopefully we will have desired nesting birds that are enjoying the new nesting boxes.   I am looking forward to reporting back what happens. 

UPDATE: 6.14.21

My nesting boxes did draw Black Capped Chickadees who did build a nest and lay eggs.  However, as noted above, these are not resistant to English Sparrows who are able to cling to the side and were interested.  Constant vigilance allowed the Chickadee to raise their young and fledge.   Upon cleaning the next box after the Chickadee’s, the English Sparrows began building a nest which I promptly cleaned out.  My quest for for a sparrow free birdhouse continues. 

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