Canon versus Nikon mirrorless race

In Standard by Patrick

With the advent of mirrorless cameras becoming more popular by the day, Canon and Nikon are both touting pending releases of a flagship mirrorless cameras.  Specs and the exact look of the camera are still not fully locked down but leaked pictures of the potential cameras are now surfacing. Nikon announced the development of the Z9.

Not to be outdone or upstaged, Canon has noted that they are looking into a totally new and different mirrorless which has intrigued speculation as it always does.  No official announcement from Canon as of yet but a leaked picture has surfaced.

Whether or not this is the final rendition of the rumored Canon R3 is yet to be determined, but usually these pictures are pretty close to the final with a few tweaks.   One thing is fur sure, mirrorless is here to stay, DSLR is on its way out and the competition between the major manufacturers will continue to bring new tech and developments for photographers. 

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