Panning technique and NX Studio

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One essential skill for a photographer that captures moving objects is panning.  Panning is simply keeping the film plane in sync on the subject while it is moving so to the camera it nullifies any movement.  This is a skill that needs to be practiced so when called upon, it is second nature.    So, how can you tell if your panning is up to to the task.  One way that I have found to do this recently is with Nikon software release of NX Studio. This is not part of my workflow, but rather a tool I can use to see if my panning technique is up to the task.

So, how do I use it.  This digital asset management software has he ability to show you the focus points at the time of the capture.  Here is this shot I was trying something new with the Nikon D5 autofocus system use the Group Area AF.  Normally I use Auto Area AF for aviation and that is still my go to, but I wanted to experiment with other modes to contrast and compare.  In the picture above, you can see the focal points on the aircraft performer and this resulted in sharp shot while panning with the plane.  Using this for my own learning and feedback is invaluable to help me improve my technique.  Great tool!>

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