Questions rolling in F or FTZ

In Camera Bag by Patrick

With the advancement of mirrorless over the past few years, a great many photographers have been asking the question, should I go mirrorless completely or hybrid with DSLR given my current investment in F-mount lenses.  Great question!  One that I can only answer for myself at this point but do have t his to offer.  To those just getting into photography, regardless of genre, then mirrorless is the way to go as I do not foresee companies like Canon and Nikon putting further development into DSLR technology..  For me, invested with all my F-mount lenses, I would probably be reluctant to jump ship to all mirrorless given that I can use the FTZ adapter and achieve great results with the legacy glass. 

The Nikon Z9, anticipated by  years end, will keep the debate going for sure as mirrorless cameras can do things DSLR camera’s cannot.  At this point I am not in any hurry to completely revise my gear locker to go strictly mirrorless.  I do utilize mirrorless as a tool, but the longer glass that I need for wildlife and aviation photography are still in the developmental phase, at least from Nikon. Time will tell in the future once these lenses roll out on whether or not this is going to be financially viable for me personally. 

The biggest asset to any photographer is not the equipment of brand that they are using but rather the person behind the camera taking the shots so although mirrorless seems to be the way of the future, I am content right now to use the my legacy glass on the good ole DSLR to keep capturing my story telling. 

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