Are DSLR cameras still worth it

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Both Canon USA and Nikon have announced that they are working on professional mirrorless bodies.  I am unsure about Canon, but Nikon has plans on continuing to discontinue more DSLR lenses.  Is this a sign of things to come and the end of the DSLR as we know it? 

This has been coming for some time and I have discussed this in numerous posts here on my blog. Here are a few of the posts references that have discussed this previously.

Although it seems as if imaging companies are putting most of their efforts into this new technology, DSLR cameras are still going to be around and will continue to take amazing pictures. Trends happen and camera tech is no different but there are still photographers who take amazing images with film to this day. So although DSLR cameras may be phased out at some point, but currently as a creative, I can still rely on my trusty ole DSLR to capture memories and story tell without fail.


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