Better or Worse Upgrade

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Nikon released a new remote transmitter for there flash system that has not gotten any fan fare.  The replaced  the WR-R10 with the WR-R11.  This one I questioned a bit as I pondered the differences, or lack thereof.  I use the WR-R10 and the WR-A10 and reviewed them here.  I rely on them and paired with the Nikon SB-5000, it works seamlessly on my D6 and Z6II bodies.  So why upgrade Nikon?

Nikon WR-R11a Wireless Transmitter
WR-R11b Transmitter

The new WR-R11 connects the same way to the bodies, pairs the same way with the flash units and has the same unit limitations, so why update. The only difference is they made the new transmitter one piece. OK, I get that as it may be more durable, but here is the part that kind of aggravates me a little. With the WR-R10 and the WR-A10, you had one unit, albeit two separate pieces, that you could buy at a cost of $199.00 USD at the time of this post for both the D6 and the Z6II bodies.

Nikon WR-R10 and WR-A10 Transmitter

Now Nikon is selling them separately at a cost of $276.00 USD per unit. So if you want to have wireless capability for your DSLR and your mirrorless that will run you around $552.00 USD. Why not just include both units in a package for around $300 to $350 for those who need both? Bottom line profits I guess.

I am usually all for technology upgrades, but in this case it will set me back and there have not really been any technical changes, but rather just design changes and I don’t feel that is worth the upgrade at this point.

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