Verizon Indy Car Series 2021

In Automotive by Patrick

Recently I had the privilege of being invited to watch the Verizon Indy Car Series race a road coarse in Dertoit Michigan on beautiful Belle Isle. Truly amazing athletes riding around this course at high speed inches from a wall is really exciting and quite the adrenaline rush. As a photographer, it can be a challenge to capture the speed of the event. The amount of preparation that goes into getting these cars ready for every possible scenario takes an amazing amount of logistics and planning.

Never let it be said that this is not a dangerous job. 1630 pounds or carbon fiber, kevlar and other composite components racing by inches away from a pit crew while servicing their driver. The synchronous dance these crew members doe in under 10 seconds is simply amazing.

I had limited access to one of the most successful teams in motorsports, Team Penske to watch their automotive ballet take place. Strolling through the pits you could see everything laid out that teams would need basically to rebuild an entire care if need be, to chase the elusive race win.

Truly an honor to witness the professionalism and pride that these race teams take to the track week in and week out while chasing their quest for a championship. The stills are one thing but panning with a race car going 170 MPH is another and with a few tips from the photographers is the press core that do this week in and week out, the panning became second nature. Once you hear, smell and see racing like this in person your are hooked. I cannot wait to go back!

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