Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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I grew up a huge race fan and car guy.  My father worked for dealerships and General Motors his whole life and could tell you anything you needed to know about a car so it was in my blood so to speak.  Some of my earliest memories are sitting with my Dad and watching the Indy 500.  To say that racing is special to me is an understatement.    My wife works for Roger Penske and so each weekend we root for Team Penske to do well.  She was able to arrange tickets to see a double header at Indianapolis this year.  A NASCAR Xfinity series race and that a Verizon Indy Car series.  I still have not been able to attend a 500 but that is on the bucket list for sure.  

Although the 500 is going to have to wait, I was still extremely excited to go to the speedway. We arrived early as the gates opened and began to explore this famed speedway. I was a wide-eyed kid for sure just being at the track for the first time.

The famed Pagoda is such a dominate landmark inside the track and it is the first thing that you are drawn to. Second is the expansiveness of the track at 2.5 miles in length. Amazingly, even as loud as the Indy cars and NASCAR stock cars are, when they are on the other side of the track it becomes eerily silent until they come around again near your seats for another lap.

This fulfilled a childhood dream to visit the speedway that meant so much to my Dad and I while growing up. I was able to kiss the bricks and take laps on the track through some favors that were called in by the Mrs. which made this trip to Indianapolis so special.

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