Can Lightroom help with panning

In Aviation, Tips and Tricks by Patrick

Panning is an essential tool that every photographer needs to practice in order to have it become muscle memory. This is especially true for those photographers in the wildlife and aviation genres. There are many ways to practice panning to become proficient at it, but how do you know when your panning is good or needs work

Aside from the obvious being having photos that are blurry because your were to slow or to fast, is there anyway you can learn after the fact. I submit there is using Camera Raw, Bridge, Lightroom, Photo Mechanic or any other asset management program that allows you to look at you imported images in succession.

In this sequence that I shot of the the Commemorative Air Force’s B25 Mitchell Devil Dog my panning looks good as the aircraft is at the same place each frame as I pan from right to left following the aircraft. There are some sequences where I did not do as good of a job panning where the plane may be higher or lower in the frame telling me that my panning was not smooth or consistent. This is how I track to see if my panning practice is spot on working for my style of photography. I hope this can help someone get sharper images.

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