First day of fall

In General Stuff, Standard by Patrick

Leaves are turning and the temps are falling. Sure signs of the autumnal equinox. Much like the trees getting ready for the upcoming change, so are the birds. They are busy feeding, prepping their winter homes and changing their appearance to become less noticeable to predators. Take for example this American Goldfinch. Beautifully adorned in bright yellow during the summer months to help attract a mate and blend in with the bright vivid colors of summer. With the advent of fall, his appearance changes.

Now more drab in color and less noticeable, he blends more perfectly with his surroundings. Amazing adaptations for survival. Still very photogenic, he was happy to take a moment to pose while waiting for his turn at the bird bath. Hopefully you will get out to shoot some of the grandeur of the fall season and pay particular attention to the adaptations of wildlife and critters.

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