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In my quest to have less gear when I travel, yet still have enough to get the job done, I stumbled upon a project that needing funding called Line Dock. This was back in 2017 on Indeigogo.  IT showed promise and was just what I was looking for when Apple decided to eliminate all the ports on their laptops.   Line dock is a laptop power bank with a host of other features. This seemed intriguing to me simply for the reason that currently in order to power my mobile workflow, I have cables galore at times for hard drives, graphics tablet not mention powering the Macbook Pro itself. Cleaning up this tangled web of cords is what drew me to this product in the first place.

As with any new product or idea, there are going to be set backs and delays. From conception of the idea to the actually delivery of the product, it was over 4 years. Fast forward and delivered to my doorstep was the fruits of all the hard work. As with anything else, part of the delay was that they decided to build this in China and they had difficulty securing vendors to mass produce parts needed for assembly. I guess I cannot complain about that because a lot of the gadgets I use the most are built in other countries. The line dock has multiple tiers and options for storage with a built in SSD up to two terabytes.

Besides this just being a power bank, they have included many of the options you would need, and if you are like me and use a newer Macbook that did away with the ports for USB, you needed and alternative and this product provides that. It features USB 3.0,  USB-C 3.1 along with HDMI, port for an additional display if needed along with an SD Card reader built in all in a very slim package.  It also supports 4K video.

It is a 100 watt USB-C Charging power bank that can run your laptop with a very low profile. Power in the field with minimal cables is what intrigued me about this device and drew me to this project.  So far it has performed as advertised allowing me the freedom to create and not have to worry about carrying multiple drives, cable and power banks.  Laptops get hot, no matter what the manufacturers say. I wanted a cooling mat to rest my laptop on and was not crazy about the idea of having yet another piece of gear to lug around. Enter the line dock. In addition to what is already mentioned, it has active cooling to help defray the warmth of the laptop to keep in running cooler. This helps prolong the life of the laptop and feels a whole lot better on the lap when traveling.

That is all great, but what’s the bottom line for charging. How long does it take? According to the manufacturers tests, here are the promised charged times for varying devices. I have not had this long enough yet to really test to see if this is the case, but so far it appears to charge relatively fast when fully powered.

What I really wanted to know was how it stacked up to other very popular portable chargers and here is what the manufacturers claim. They looked at 6 other sources and compared them.

What really set this apart from other options I considered was the feature of being able to wirelessly charge my iPhone and other devices that have inductive power charging. This come built in and really is pretty efficient from what I have experienced.

Overall the line dock has performed as advertised. The roll out of the device was bit hectic  In fairness to the team of developers, they did try to make  any delays this right by offering free upgrades. As one of those who waited for this, it has simplified my workflow and allowed me to travel with less which was the goal.  With impressive specs, this third party device has met all my expectations.  Here are the entire specs:


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