Nikon Z9 in the bag

In Camera Bag by Patrick

After careful consideration and thoroughly reviewing the specs of the recently released Nikon Z9 flagship mirrorless, I have officially taken the plunge and ordered one.   I have done several posts on the Z9.  One prior to release “Nikon Z9” and the other on the release date itself “Nikon Z9 Released“.   In the latter I was on the fence about ordering the Z9 as I already had the Nikon D6 and was very happy with the results produced by that camera.  

I don’t randomly order new bodies just for the sake of having new bodies, the camera or gear has to fulfill a need for me and this does base on my style of photography.  The increased in FPS was one reason for the switch, but not the only one.  I primarily like the 1000 image buffer, the AF down to -8.5 EV and the black out free EVF setting while shooting stills and video.   The added bonus was the fact that it is 20% lighter than the D6 and it doubles the megapixels of the D6 which my clients will love. 

All around this decision was made with my bottom line in mind and I believe that this camera will pay for itself in a very short time based on the improved specs, picture quality and the ability to capture photos once thought impossible.  I am excited to get this in my camera bag. 

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