Do you need Fine tuning for Mirrorless

In Standard by Patrick

When I first heard this I thought this is odd. Mostly because the beauty of mirrorless is that focus is always taken right off of the sensor and no AF-fine tuning is needed. My mirrorless cameras work fine with the F-mount lenses and I have not had any issues to date with focusing. In the old DSLR days, if you found that certain lenses do not produce the desired results with autofocus, you could fine-tune autofocus from the menu for each lens using the AF fine‐tune option in the setup menu. If desired you could also tweak the AF tuning so it could be used to offset focus from its normal position for a deliberate defocus effect.

I have a feeling that the reason this is included in the Z series cameras is to use the AF fine tune mirrorless is only to bias the focus point (create a little front focus or a little back focus) if that’s your artistic desire. It is not needed to create accurate focus on the focus point since mirrorless is optimizing the focus of the actual image on the sensor already and is often focusing at the actual shooting aperture and thus is not subject to the focus calibration issues that DSLR’s are. I hope that clears up a question I had come in.

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