Nikon Z9 Eyecup Workaround

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If you shoot a lot with the Nikon Z9 you have probably discovered that your eyebrow can get really sore in hurry, at least I have. So I went on a search for a way to replace the eyecup to something a bit more comfortable. There are a number of solutions out there that innovative folks have come up with and I will post them here: 

Both of these solutions use a knockoff of the Hoodman style of eyecup and really was not crazy about the configuration of the replacement. I wanted a setup similar to arrangement I had on the Nikon D6 with the DK-19 round eyecup. Here is what I was able to DIY for my Nikon Z9 which thus far has been working well.

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The eyecup is from eBay and was around $13 USD, It is actually for a Fuji camera and is model #KE-XT20. it comes with an attachment for inserting into the hot shoe that is simply held on with ring that will slide off easily. That component will have to be removed for this workaround.

Once the hot shoe component is removed, you simply have the rubber eyecup left. Now you have to remove the rubber ring from the existing Nikon Z9 DK-33 leaving just the plastic components to the eyecup. Simply slide the plastic DK-33 pieces into the rubber eyecup replacement and you are done.

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So far this is a pretty good work around as it pads the eyecup against my eye very well and keeps the ambient light out when shooting. I have not found it to interfere with the Nikon Z9 tilt screen either.

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Hopefully this work around will help someone enjoy shooting the Nikon Z9 even more and allow for greater comfort. It is to bad that Nikon did not think the eyepiece through as is in previous models providing a much more robust eyepiece, especially in their flagship mirrorless camera. For now this will have to do until better third party applications are available.

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