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I have had a few questions as of late roll in about how I do my product shots for selling used gear and what not. Nothing real fancy, probably even overkill to a point, but it produces a nice evenly lit product shot on seamless white.  Let me explain what I have going on here with the iPhone shot.  I have 3 continuous lights.  One left, one right and one above whatever I am photographing.  Behind the 2 continuous lights on the left and right I have 2 Profoto B2 speed lights that are flagged off to light the background.  You can just see the tips of the flags sticking out in this photo.  These are usually set to 2 stops higher than the foreground lighting to give me the all white background.  I use white seamless paper and I will sometimes have a piece of plexiglass down for a reflection if desired.  That’s it.  Here is the final product shot for a lens I recently sold.

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