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The Nikon Z9 is still a relatively new full frame camera to the market and as such, accessories that are what I would consider essential, are slowly appearing. One aspect of the Nikon Z9 that probably could have been engineered better was the eyecup in my humble opinion. There are many hacks out there, some of which are quite creative, that solve this issue. I did a post on just such a hack for my Z9 here. I wanted a round eyecup like the Nikon DK-19 I had on my DSLR Nikon D6. Recently I discovered an alternative solution from Zemlin Photo

Courtesy of Zemlin Photo

According to the seller, it locks onto the camera body exactly like the stock DK-33 Eyepiece. Made from genuine Nikon DK-19 eyecup and 3D-Printed glass-filled ABS components. So far, it has been working well and I am quite happy with the function of the eyepiece.

Courtesy of Zemlin Photo

This option provides me with a DK-19 option for the Nikon Z9 that I am very used to feeling and shooting with on my full frame cameras. It also acts like the kind that was on the DSLR as it collapses for transport.

Courtesy of Zemlin Photo

The one variation that needed to be accounted for that is different from the original DK-19 is the cutout you see on the top. This is necessary for the EVF sensor on the Nikon Z9. Minor change and does not even get noticed once to the eye. I wanted to pass this along to the other Z9 users out there and compared to some accessories this seems like a steal to me at $35.00.

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