Center for Birds of Prey

In Wildlife by Patrick

Sometimes, looking at potential sites to visit online does not do a place justice. One such place is the Center for Birds of Prey in Awendaw South Carolina. While visiting family, my wife suggested that we make a stop at the center knowing my passion for birds, especially raptors. As I always do, I began the research of the center and was very intrigued by their mission. Unlike most sites that may have the birds on display, this center allows for up close and personal views of the birds. They have a full medical center, perform education for all ages with free flight shows, participate in research and have emergency response teams for injured and in trouble raptors.

The center directors along with keepers are very involved in interacting with the patrons and you can tell that they have a passion for what they do. The highlight for most is the open flight amphitheater that allows people to see various species do what they best, fly and hunt. The 152 acre property is designed to showcase raptors and to engage other is becoming stewards in its preservation.

Being able to see these birds up close and in flight was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone, especially photographers. Each year, thousands of students are engaged in the Center’s science and natural history-based educational programs. The power and beauty of birds of prey cast them as unparalleled ambassadors in public education – exemplifying both the intellectual and ethical aspects of conservation management. Special thanks to the Mrs. for finding this place and coordinating the trip.

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