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Back in 2012 when Facebook bought Instagram, there was a lot of worry that Instagram would suffer, especially for photographers. Instagram was the place to share your photos, build a community of followers and to find great inspiration on locations you might visit. As the years have progressed, I have noticed more and more videos “Reels” as they are called, appearing on Instagram. This to me is clearly a way for them to compete with other video platforms like TIK-Tok. I think this has come at a cost to photographers. The majority of us want to share our photos and Instagram was the place to do it, but Instagram is now a place to share video.

The algorithm doesn’t give the still photo near as much traction as videos at this point. Sad to see the change for stills going the way of the dinosaur. I still post my stills and engage with my audience without a ton of video and will continue to do so. Unfortunately, if video is the way forward, we have to get on board with it and create Reels that educate, entertain and inspire. Facebook (Meta) has only one thing on its mind and that is revenue. If you generate content that fulfills the three aforementioned criteria you will see that the algorithm will consistently reward your reels and in turn show more ads which generates more, here is that word that FB lives or dies by, revenue. In my jumble opinion, videos are more likely to get engagement now and unfortunately for photographers that’s just a cold, hard truth. Instagram is quickly pushing out photographers because we no longer provide the engagement levels they want.

Food for thought.

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