The Feared Focke-Wulf 109

In Aviation by Patrick

The airshow was well underway and one of the more anticipated aircraft flying was the Focke-Wulf 109. One of the few flying today of the existing 23 or so that also exist in museums and private collections. As the show progressed the FW-190 began to taxi down runway 5 going through the preflight checks. It conjoured up thoughts of what it must have been like during WWII to see these aircraft readying to fly to take the fight to the allies.

As the pilot taxied down the runway, the BMW 801 radial engine was puffing out smoke as he took position for takeoff. Once he stopped and began his run up for takeoff the anticipation began to see this flying piece of history take to the skies. Not needing much runway, he was soon airborne and the sleek silhouette grew smaller in the distance as her prepared for his performance.

My imagination started to wander to what it must have been like for pilots to see one of these warbirds on his six or being and infantryman looking at the FW-190 bearing down for a strafing run. The pilot in command put this bird through its paces showing the capabilities of one of the workhorses of the German Luftwaffe.

After the show was over and the crowds died down, the plane was parked and being alone with the plane I could not help but wonder as I ran my hand over the fuselage and wings this planes story. Come to find out this plane is a replica built by FlugWerk of Germany.

It was one of several new reproductions that were built from the ground up, using many original dies, plans and other information from the war. Although on the wrong side of history, this plane is still a remarkable piece of engineering. Seeing these warbirds that are iconic and still flight worthy is certainly an privilege and one that I am happy to share .

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